Go up then, Divine Providence, go into the houses, into the towns, in the suburbs, in the hovels, on the tops of your beautiful mountains to bring the good news to the fathers and mothers who weep for having given birth to an unfortunate child. Tell them that Como there will arise a section for the retarded, where their children, so retarded, will be watched over by a loving father, by patient teachers, by affectionate sisters and will improve in their strength, their senses and their thought” –St Louis Guanella.

St. Luigi Guanella was the Founder of the Congregation of The Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, The society which renders a selfless service to all the needy brethren specially for the Mentally Challenged and Aged following the spirit of the Founder St. Luigi Guanella , offering not only assistance, but a "home " in which the professional health care and rehabilitation, in addition, a care for the soul through prayer and leisure activities and socializing.

St Louis Guanella calls the special children with affection as “good boys and girls” as they constitute the family of those boys and girls who being slow in mind and may be also deformed in appearance, are in a state of perpetual childhood, now live in a state of innocence as a child of God, because they are incapable of deceit and they are good because compassionate charity closes our eyes before them and it does not want anything but good to be said of them.

DON GUANELLA - Modern Apostle of Charity

Provident Father of the “least among the brethren”

Among the many saints of Charity, raised up by God in the 21th Century, especially for the evangelization of the poor, the Church has proclaimed Saint Luigi Guanella, founder of the Congregations, the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence and the Servants of Charity, as well as the Lay Guanellian Cooperators.

Saint Luigi Guanella is an Italian priest, the man of strong human and evangelical energies could not miss those brothers and sisters who, the society upholds regardless, useless people, unworthy to live in the world and in particular the mentally retarded, rather represented to him the image of suffering Jesus Christ. He welcomed them in his shelter and called them affectionately “GOOD CHILDREN”: because, in their human nature, though they are weak and ill, they reveal the God the Father of love and life, who has no preference; certainly he has for the “least”.

Madre Marcellina Bosatta – Co Foundress

Humble, strong and generous Mother

Sister Marcellina Bosatta was the chief instrument in the hands of Guanella. She was an unparalleled Mother and Superior to him. She was the foundation stone upon which the constructor was able to build the plain and strong edifice ready to support all the plots and squalls. She was found as the wisdom of counsel; greatness of heart; sacrifice of work for the life and the development of the Congregation.

Blessed Clara Bosatta

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