Reg. No. 065/ 2010 Dated 19TH JANUARY 2010

Tel: 080/28429219, 9845376036

About us:

Daughters of St. Mary of Providence is a charitable society, works for the human dignity and human promotion of the persons.

From 2001 it runs St. Joseph Nivas Special School for the physically and mentally challenged, at Chikkakammanahalli, Bangalore -83.

Our Special School has got Registration under section 51, 52 of persons with Disabilities Act 1995. In 2010, We started a unit of this special school Blessed Clare Nivas special school for the mentally challenged at Geddalahalli, Kothanur. Bangalore -77.

In St. Joseph Nivas Special School for the Physically and Mentally challenged, we have children with multiple disability like Mental Retardation, autism, Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome.

We have qualified trained staff in Special Education, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, Music Therapy, Occupational therapy and Yoga Therapy.

The objective of the School is to bring smile and hope by giving special trainings to improve the quality of the lives of the persons with disability.

We also aim at the comprehensive rehabilitation in the greatest measure possible, with the purposeful view toward the attainment of the most independent possible and the true joy of living effectively with others.

We give the most delicate attention and the best care by surrounding them with love and attention.

Integral promotion of the whole person according to each one`s capabilities, development and the psychological welfare of the whole person is also our purpose.

For the promotion of persons, catering the needs and providing opportunities to grow through life arts like dance , music …

Speech therapy for better Communication

Attention and intervention to maintain motor abilities through physiotherapy

Care and comprehensive rehabilitation

Providing opportunities to participate in the social events for better socialization and integration in the societyPicnic

The children are in picnic and outing to relax and refresh in collaboration with our volunteers and benefactors

In this Special School, 8 qualified special teachers are appointed and mentally challenged children are helped to improve their physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual efficiency.

About twenty persons work in this special school including a physiotherapist, a driver, male helper and female helper, a cook, a gardener, a guard and three assistants, for the human promotion of the underprivileged children.

The Children are given frequent medical and therapeutic assistance. Different Recreational play and Sports such as- potato games, running race, shot put, wheel chair race, water filling, yoga etc., have been arranged to enable the children to feel happy and useful and they are encouraged by rewarding them with prizes.

The health, nutrition and the hygienic awareness programs are arranged to the staff so that they may take care of the children of our school in a healthy way. As number increased some more instruments such as electro-therapy machines - ultrasound, muscle stimulator, computer, T.V etc; were bought according to the needs of the physically and mentally challenged Children..

The poor people of the neighboring areas are also benefited by the physical therapy facilities made available in our School.

The children those who are not able to walk are provided with wheel chairs, walker shoes, etc…

The children are trained to do their daily activities (ADL). The occupational therapists perform a wonderful job and take effort to improve their curriculum and co-curriculum skills – communications, identifications, cognitions, reading, singing, dancing, writing, arithmetic etc;


We help the poor school going students of the area of Chikkakamanahalli, Basavanapura, Mylachandra, Begur, Koliforum with school fees, bags, uniforms, note books, etc… Free tuitions center are arranged for the benefit of the slow learners.By conducting free medical camps - Doctors, Nurses, Dentist, are invited and the people of the area are helped to cure from their sickness and awareness education were also given to them.

The poor aged people are given food, clothing and medical assistance. Different kinds of recreational programs are conducted to give relaxation to the old people.

We give attention to the environment: growing plants, trees, flower garden so that to maintain the oxygenation of the surroundings.

SJ Elderly Home :: Home for the Aged

Tel: 080/28429219, 9845376036

SJ Elderly Home was founded by Daughters of St. Mary’s Providence with an aim to provide peace and security for the senior citizens, by providing ‘a Home away FROM HOME experience’ in the golden years of their life by surrounding them with a happy, peaceful, caring and a loving atmosphere through which they encounter God’s tender love and compassion with those in need.

Our home is situated in Chikkamanahalli, Bangalore, KA. It is located away from the hustle and bustle of the CITY in a sprawling campus of 6 acres in a lush green environment. The Elderly home is surrounded by the office and hostel of sisters, who treat guests with great respect and loving care. The environment is designed and built in way that it caters to the physical, mental and spiritual needs of every elder staying at the home...The Elderly home is designed to function in such a way no person will feel left out or LONELY. The home has a Chapel with Blessed Sacrament, a common sitting halls, with lots of indoor games and facilities, walking areas.

Common facilities :

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