Educational Assistance:STUDY HOUSE at DON GUANELLA ROAD

The construction of the study house is completed, and it is entrusted to a group of social workers to be used for the poor and middle class college students to stay and study. It is the unanimous concern of the executive members of the Society. At present about 200 girls benefit out of this study home. In addition to the building facilities, study hall,

Study Centers:Five study centers have been started in different villages near Cuddalore Town. Qualified Teachers were appointed in order to teach the children who come to this tuition centers. One supervisor is appointed to have proper programmes to help out the children to score good marks in the public Examinations. Suitable furniture, light arrangement are also organized.

For the Children from the poor family, the society takes initiatives to pay school fees, provides uniform and whatever they need for the best of their education.

Assistance to the Aged and the Sick and the differentially abled:

The staff visits the families and find out the need of the sick and the aged.

The aged, sick, and the handicapped people of this locality are helped: They are given food, medical care ,clothing, Physiotherapy , occupational therapy etc,.

Free medical camp is organized for the poor people of this area. Awareness education is given regarding health, nutrition, hygiene, viral attack etc.

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