The Special School for mentally and Physically challenged is run by our Society and suitable and technically prepared staff are appointed. More than 50 Differently abled children from various villages of this locality benefit from this School. The parents of these children are guided to find job and run their family. The children are divided according to the I.Q level and classes are organized accordingly.

Some Therapist are also appointed and the Differently abled children were helped to improve their physical, psychological, emotional, intellectual efficiency. The Children are given frequent medical and therapeutic assistance, sand therapy, Sun therapy and different Recreational plays and Sports such as- potato games, running race, shot put, wheel chair race, water filling , yoga etc., have been arranged to enable the children to feel happy and useful.

Mid day meals and healthy drinks and Tiffin are arranged for these children.

A van has been bought to facilitate the transportation of the special Children. New toilets with suitable facilities for the Differently abled children were built to provide safe and dignified toilets. Many therapy materials and class room materials were bought for the Children. - Special Tables, chairs and, cupboards, were bought for the refectory and class room of the School.

A beautiful play ground; flower and vegetable gardens were organized for the Entertainment program of the Children.

Study Centre: To improve the studying capacity of the Normal Children of this locality, evening free tuition center is organized. Special attention is given to the weak children.

Social Work:The staff is divided into groups to visit the sick, aged and poor of this locality and give them a helping hand by providing food, cloths, medicine etc. Awareness education is given to the people, on hygiene, nutrition, savings, Aids, Malaria and Dengue fever.

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