Blessed Clare Special School for physically and mentally challenged:

Physically and mentally challenged children of the surrounding villages of Geddalahalli come to this school and get benefited. A van has been bought in order to bring the children who cannot come by themselves. Efficient and qualified teachers are appointed in order to train them to do their daily activities such as brushing the teeth, washing themselves, dressing themselves, expressing their needs and emotions in a proper manner and in time.

Preventive programs:

The centre is doing a lot of social work in the surrounding places of Geddalahalli, Kothanur, Narayanpura, Byrathi, Hennur Bande, Agra and nearby places. The staff organizes many awareness programs for the public regarding Aids, TB, Malaria and viral fever etc… in order to take care of their health and hygiene.

The trainees and the volunteers collaborate with the staff and visit the poor people of the different villages, and give them assistance to face their economical problems and the ways of earning and small saving.

Educational Assistance:

The poor students are helped for their studies by providing them the free tuition, by qualified teachers so that they score high marks and make a good carrier and have good future in their lives. The poor children are also helped to pay the school fees, uniform, material aids such as note books, school bags and other stationeries needed.

Apart from the help, many activities are arranged for the youth – for all the school going children, in order to improve their skills and to bring out their talents such as story writings, drawings, singing, speech competition, music, sports, and oratory games, group work, debate…

Assistance to the Aged:

The aged people are also supported; they are gathered for the recreation, therapy and lunch. They are given assistance to take bath, to keep clean their houses, cloth, toilets, and all the necessary medical assistance.

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